Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I've never written a blog before. 

I just thought I'd start with that... But I'm embarking on a journey. Actually, I've been on this journey for years now, but I've hit a plateau, and in some ways, I've taken steps backward. This is a journey where the final destination is love and respect for myself, my body, my health and to incorporate wellness and beauty into my life. 

I'm a physically healthy person. I'm fit, at a healthy body weight. I eat right, three meals a day, lots of veggies and whole grains. I get lots of sleep. But I believe that being healthy is more than that. 

To me health means:
1) calm mind and spirit
2) fulfilling relationships
3) physical health and well being
4) energy to conquer daily obstacles
5) accepting yourself for who you are, no matter what you look like or what other people say

I struggle with many of these aspects of health, but especially the last one. This is why I'm starting a blog. I am trying to improve myself and my relationships, but I want it recorded, I want it online where anyone can follow me (even if all of my readers are made up in my mind) and learn with me, especially those who are trying to deal with what I'm dealing with. 

So I feel like I should introduce myself and paint you a picture of who I am at this moment. My name is Heather. (That is the only real name I'm going to give you. If I mention anyone else, the names have been changed for privacy reasons.) I am a second year student at UC Santa Barbara. I love my boy friend, I love my friends, I love my family. I'm intelligent and do well academically. I have a theatre background, which is obvious in my voice and gestures if you know what to look for. I love to draw and paint when I have the time and the materials. I enjoy scrapbooking (again when I have the time and materials). I read when I can. I do yoga to relax. I'm a self-identified gym rat. I'm a double major in psychology and sociology with possible minors in french and applied psychology. I am an atheist who loves religion. Confusing, yes, but that will be explained in a later post, because many people can't understand how I can be so at peace with life and death without believing in God, but that's a different story. I am a feminist, but not a femi-nazi! People are very closed minded when they hear the word feminist, because they do not know what it means, but I'll explain my version of feminism at a later date. 

That's a pretty good explanation of who I am for now. You'll learn more later, if you care to know. This is extremely therapeutic for me, this journey, writing about it. I hope it's as enlightening for you as it will be for me. 

Remember to always love yourself


  1. I agree with you, physical health alone does not constitute being healthy. This a conclusion that a lot of young people do not come to for a long time. I myself did not come to this realization until my early thirties, and I struggled for a long time because of that. Keep your loved ones close because they can help you get through anything. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have a husband and family that loves and supports me unconditionally.

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